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Funeral Flowers

Sending flowers to a funeral is a visual expression of love, respect, sympathy and grief. It is the very last thing you can do for your loved one, friend or work colleague. For the family to read personal messages and admiring flowers often gives comfort. I know when i lost my Dad over 20 years ago and seeing all the tributes it gave us that comfort to read those messages, to us it showed just how much our dad was loved and so respected.

Delivering to Funerals:

We will always find out delivery times, Undertakers normally request that the flowers are delivered 2 hours before the funeral time. If a funeral is early in the morning, the undertakers will more than likely request that the flowers be delivered the afternoon before. If this is on a Monday morning then we deliver that morning, we often deliver 7.30 onwards.

Having your tribute delivered direct to the undertakers is preferred by many of the undertakers. We always think it is nicer if they are already loaded upon the hearse and travel with your loved one straight away. We can deliver to a house address too, although always check if this is the family wishes, as some families find this upsetting but then other families request this as they can be laid out in the garden and the family like to read the card messages. We do deliver to Crematoriums but only as a last resort. We will do our upmost to find out who the undertakers are, so that your tribute can travel in the hearse straight away. We have close relations with all of the funeral directors as we have been delivering to many for over 50 years.

Funeral Directors we deliver to:


Chatham: A.H AppsButtons, Co-Op-ChathamCo-Op-WaldersladeJohn Weir, Medway Funeral Directors.

Gillingham: A.H Apps, Co-Op, John Weir, Sherwood & Hope, T.AllenThomas Fowle & Sons

Rainham: Co-Op, John Weir, T.Allen.

Rochester: Naylars, T.Allen, P.Hawdens (Hoo)

Strood: Co-Op, Henry Couzens, Medway Funeral Directors, T.Allen, W.Naylar & Sons.


AbacusCo-OpHergest & Caval, Lewis Soloman, M.Tomlin & Son, Morris & Partner, T S Horlock & Son 

Medway Crematorium  & Thamesview (Gravesend Crematorium).