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Valentines Day - Why Buy Local

Well its that time of year again Valetines Day!

We consider Valentines day be the busiest of all our peak times. After all its is all about the 14th of February, no other date will do.

So what is the difference from a local florist shop selling roses to a supermarket or a petrol garage or an online retailer.

Most importantly you would be buying the highest of quality. Florist's have a wealth of knowledge on all variety of flowers, with roses being top of our lists. We know what rose has the most vase life, what roses have the most petal count and also stem length which makes a difference to the size of the rose itself.

We condition all roses, cut them properly and condition the water with flower food. We don't just take delivery of bunches and stick them in water and then pop a price on them. Florists have been trained and it is their passion to make those roses look fantastic. We always create beautiful arrangements that we ourselves would love to receive.

Yes we all know that supermarkets, are cheaper its a known fact. Its convienient and easy.......But why buy into that?  Why not buy into the experience of choosing your loved ones flowers as a personal experience? That you've not just picked up a bunch and thought that will do, looks good and oh! thats ok thats cheap as well. But is it any cheaper? when they don't last as long as florists roses and they don't look anywhere near as professional and beautiful presented as your local florist would arrange them. Someone who receives a florists flowers know that you've gone that extra mile for them. That you've thought about it and you thought that they are special and they are worth it. That you've picked that special bunch just for them.

Also would you not like to support your local florist or any small local business who have been trained and are generally passionate about what they sell or do. We see more and more customers who choose to support us and all local business, that they want the experience of buying from a 'Bricks and mortar' shop. If we continue to buy from big supermarkets, online retailers or petrol garages. Where would you buy flowers for all year occasions. Those special moments you want to mark with flowers i.e Weddings, Birth of babies, Anniversaries and Sadly funerals. Those moments when you need a florist to help guide you with their knowledge of seasonal availability and the hundreds of varieties of flowers.

We hope you support all local florist's this Valentines Day and make the right choice on what to send your most special person in your life.

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