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Weddings 2018

So what a busy year of 2018 has been for us for weddings. This year has seen a very stylish royal wedding and a very sizzling heat wave. The heat did bring gorgeous weather for those weddings taking place throughout the summer months.

So lets talk whats been popular throughout the summer...

Still continuing to be popular amongst brides is the very natural hand-tie bouquet, making a come back is the traditional Bridal shower bouquet. We have arranged all array of gorgeous colours, We have seen a lot of bright colours this year making an appearance,  but the most popular this year has been Blush pink.

Roses, Peonies and Hydrangeas have been the most sought after flowers this summer. Either on there own to create a compact look, or together amongst other flowers to create a different textured look.

The heat wave did have an impact on Peonies this year which saw these stunning flowers finish a few weeks earlier than expected due to the quality being poor.

We wonder if the royal wedding will have an impact of flowers and designs chosen for next years weddings. Lets see if Meghans stylish pure toned simple hand-tie bouquet becomes a favourite with the brides next year.

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